Picture perfect.

Behold, The Most Interesting Cat in the World, our ginger Haskell:

Haskell the kitty in a sweater

Isn’t he MAJESTIC? So handsome, so regal, so in command. You can see it.

Here’s what you don’t see:

  • me, on my knees wrestling with a wriggly fur tube trying to get the sweater on
  • the approximately 20 times I picked him up and put him back on the sofa as he tried to wander off
  • the 50 or so rejected photographs
  • the way he rolled around on the floor until he managed to pull the sweater off
  • the sweater, in a heap at the back of a closet somewhere (which one? who knows!), worn once and never again

It’s not that the majestic creature is a lie. Nope, he’s real, and he’s very majestic. It’s not that the photo is deceitful or even manipulative.

But it’s a snapshot. A window into a tiny sliver of time. That’s all.

Just like everything you ever see, hear, or read.

Just like every success story.

Just like every failure story.

Every day, you get only what’s presented to you, and that’s all. A tiny sliver. You don’t know what you don’t know…

But you can know that there’s always a lot more going on behind the scenes than you do know.

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