Hellooo there, TechZing listeners! I’m relaunching my 30×500 class in April. Drop your name in the email box below if you’d like to be the first to hear about it… and save $100, to boot. Please pardon the slightly outdated content (like the graphs from last October). My launch sequence doesn’t officially begin for a couple weeks!

The Formula You Need: 30×500

Do you want to break out of working by the hour? Do you want to create your own products and really be your own boss? How about crafting an income you can live off of — and never have to freelance again?


In 2009, I did it. I went from earning $0 from products in 2008, to $85,000 in 2009, to $216,000 in 2010 — by October (final estimate for 2010, as a whole, is nearly $260,000). (Learn more about my numbers).

And now I’ll teach you how.

Say Hello to the 30×500 Launch Class

The former Year of Hustle Launch Class is now called Launch Class 30×500. Why? Because those are some magical numbers that add up to $180,000 a year. All you need is $30 a month from 500 customers – from anywhere in the world. (Or $500 a month from 30 customers, natch.)

You’ve gotta agree, $180,000 for a one-body operation ain’t too shabby. Just think what you could do from there.

(Do I practice what I preach? In a word: Yes. My main product, Freckle, is now (Feb 2010) earning just over $180,000/yr, and growing 10-15% revenue per month. With my JavaScript performance ebook, and the first YoH workshop, I’m well over the 30×500 formula total. These products were all developed with the habits, principles, rules, techniques, and tricks I’ll teach you in the 30×500 Launch Class. I do know what I’m sayin’.)

Getting There

Sounds nice and easy when you put it that way, doesn’t it? But how do you ensure that you can create a product that will bring in even 500 customers? How do you know what to build? How do you know which of your many ideas to build, or how to have those ideas in the first place? How do you reach your customers? How do you sell to them? How do you manage to actually build something on the side without going absolutely batshit crazy?

How do you finish and ship something when you’re terrified, or at best, chronically disorganized?

Well, glad you asked, because that’s what the class is about. You know the 30×500 formula now. The Launch Class will get you to the point where you can implement it.

Is the class right for me?

Are you a developer or a designer with developer-y skills? Are you excited to make things and create an income that is independent of the whims of your clients? Are you sick of strip mining your future, selling your life by the hour? Are you committed to making the changes that will require, and endure a few months of extra work?

This class is for you.

When is it?

30×500 Launch Class is 4-month online class with a 1-month break so you can devote adequate time to the all-important Sales Safari.

Wait, I need to be online for FOUR MONTHS?

That would be hell on the metered bandwidth, amirite?

The Launch Class isn’t a full-time online class, it’s a program of razor-sharp lessons, workbooks and diagrams, and support. So you can get into the good stuff at any time of day, and you (mostly) don’t even need broadband.

Tell me what it’s about, exactly!

You know, all that shit you need to know, understand, change your thinking about, conquer, and incorporate into your daily life? Habits, skills, ways of thinking that will get you to success? Yeah, it’s that.

This is what you’ll do in the 30×500 Launch Class:

  • Get your head on straight. Think about this from the right angle and soooo many things will line up right for you. You’ll increase astronomically your chance of making the magical $30×500 formula work for you.
  • Develop a product concept that will sell from the get-go. You’ll learn how, from identifying the best places to plant yourself, to how to track specific sources of leads on the Customer Safari.
  • Plan to win. Take that concept and trim it to the bare essentials. Learn how to avoid and conquer the ever-present fear that leads to featuritis.
  • Win through planning. Then you’ll learn exactly how to take those bare essentials and turn it into an achievable plan, and work through your plan, in a surprising and effective way.
  • Panic. Freakout. Burnout. Lack of time. Procrastination. Day Job blues. You’re going to have them — it pretty much can’t be avoided. You’ll learn how to deal with them, with a couple techniques you’ve almost surely not come across before. Quite a few folks have had epiphanies with this one.
  • Understand why people really buy, using the Laws of Customer Physics. Why niches drool but worldviews rool. How to avoid trying to pitch to the utterly wrong audience, and how to speak to the right one.
  • Learn how to fix it when you fuck up. Seriously, cuz you will. (I fuck up at least twice a week.)
  • Price like a badass, because pricing right is the act of a hero. And there’s a logic to it, and the logic is not “my gut quaked when I wrote down the dollar signs.” You’ll learn why your urges for low pricing are not only counterproductive and unprofitable, but unfair to your customers. And what to do about it.
  • Write your sales page. Yes, this could really be a whole course in and of itself. Maybe soon it will be. But for now, it’s just part of the deluxe package… for you.
  • Secure customers even before you launch. You may not be able to launch your product before the course is out — sometimes these things need more time — but you will leave the course knowing exactly how to launch to immediate sales.

You will, in short, be excited, armed, girded, and ready to rumble!

Do I need to already have a product or product idea?

Nope. That’s what the first part of the class will help you with.

How’s all that goodness delivered? What do I get?

Here’s how the class works:

Power-packed, hilarious, and brain-mushing lessons are delivered semi-weekly by email in PDF form. Think of each lesson as an entire book on that topic, boiled down to the one, essential, groundbreaking chapter.

Almost every lesson comes with its own workbook. You will not only work on your product, but prep yourself for success by analyzing other businesses and incredibly useful things of that nature.

Lessons are semi-weekly because some lessons take more time for you to complete them successfully than others. Some lessons will come right after each other, others give you an extra time in between to get stuff done.

You get to keep these lessons and workbooks forever (compiled into a single PDF for easy portability), so you can come back to them when you need a refresher, or use them anew for each new product you create.

During the class, and for 2 months afterwards, you’ll get access to me. I’ll answer your questions & dispense advice. Even if it’s not what you wanna hear.

We’ll have five live group chats (one every month). These are perfect for Q&A.

There are 6 audio lessons, narrated by yours truly, in MP3 format. They are more story than the written lessons: what I’ve done, what’s worked for me and what hasn’t, what my plans are and why, how I’ve fucked up and how I’ve fixed it. Don’t worry, they’re not sob fests or long-winded in-my-day rambles. If you love a shot of inspiration with your matter-of-fact teaching, concrete real-world examples to anchor ideas, these are perfect for you.

Dude, how much time does this take?

The first month and a half will take at least 3-6 hours of your time each week. More, if you’re super-dilligent (and I hope you are!).

From then on out, it varies a lot — many of the lessons are geared towards you learning, but spending most of your time on actually, you know, building your product.

Then there are a couple intense ones right at the end, like writing your sales page.

For the absolute best results, plan to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to the class/your product, over the whole course. (Remember – December off is a great opportunity to work hard!)

Remember, if you won’t make the time commitment, the work won’t get done… and you won’t have a business you can count on. I can’t do the work for you!

Can I do the whole lesson in my pajamas? (PS – that’s code for naked)?

Yep. You will never have to appear on video.

Super, anything else I need to know?

Yep — there are only 75 seats available. Small is good, small is personal, small is effective. I like big dreams and small classes. The last class sold out, and this one will too.

What else? Oh yes. I am a cruel task master.

You are expected to do the work, and the workbooks. In fact, Ve Haff Vays Of Talking You Into Doing Ze Vorkbook — I am a persuasion ninja — but if you don’t have full intentions of doing the work, you’re not going to get half as much out of the class.

I’ve made the lessons as useable, fun and non-douchey as possible. To call them “no-fluff” would be an understatement. They are, in fact, the anti-fluff.

Also: I am happy to answer your questions and provide advice by email.

Also: people with Tippy Top Secret plans need not apply. Everybody in 30×500 Launch Class is on the honor system, and nobody is interested in stealing your idea. More importantly, stealing an idea is the least thing you have to worry about, as ideas are worthless and common as dirt. If you aren’t up for discussing, if you won’t try to conquer that particular anxiety, you’re not going to get as much out of the class as somebody who is more brave and less precious about her thoughts.

Can I really be sure the course is for me?

The two biggest things you need to bring to class are:

  • Willingness to work it — the desire to change your life, especially your professional life, but really, all of it, because there’s no such thing as work-life separation, and
  • Skills to create. That’s why this course is perfect for developers and designers with developer-y inclinations. That doesn’t mean you have to be a world-class at anything. If you developer-y at all, but you’re willing to kick ass with video, with writing, with teaching, then you should be good.

You’ll notice that nowhere did I say “You have to be a perfect worker. Procrastinators and flakes need not apply.” That’s because of the magic of love. If you are really willing to work it, we can work on your procrastination. There’s a whole section for that. If you feel you’re more desperate than normal, I’ll send you the lesson in advance and we’ll talk about it.

Interesting, you haven’t mentioned the price yet.

Of course. That’s because I wanted you to see how amazing the class was before I told you, cuz it’s a little bit expensive: $1350.

Keep in mind that $1350 is less than one-credit hour (1/3rd of a class!) at most business schools. And it’s going to earn you a lot more money in return than a new television. Or, heck, the 100,000 mile maintenance on your Toyota.

Maybe you’re not used to shelling out for your own life-changing training. I get it. But think about the other things you’d spend that money on, and what they get you in return, really.

Freckle made nearly $1,500 in its very first month of billings, with all the same kinda stuff I’m about to teach you. Our ebook made $6,000 when we launched it. (And just under $60,000 over its 2-year lifetime!)

If you do the legwork and you follow thru, the lessons practically guarantee you’ll earn back the cost of this class. The marketing stuff alone will do it for you. This stuff pays.

Oh yeah, did I mention only 75 seats? That price premium means I get to keep the class small so I can give you personal support.

Sooo, what if I don’t like it?

If at any time you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth, I’ll give you a full refund. Yes, that means if you’re halfway through the Class and you decide it’s not helping you, you get a full refund.

All I ask is that you put in the effort on the workbooks before giving up, and if you’re stuck, give me an opportunity to try to help you first.

Can’t get less risky than that.

Save $100 & get first dibs

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No commitment, no spam, just waiting list updates, class details, & related startup-y goodness.

BTW: Summer 2011 will probably be the last time I offer the class with the “email me any question” option. I’m not 100% decided, but… while I love teaching entrepreneurship, my other products are demanding more & more of my time.

So if you want to learn how to make & sell products from me and have access to me to answer your questions & assuage your concerns (and occasionally kick your butt), don’t miss this class.


No worries, here’s a list of FAQs, drawn from real emails potential attendees have sent me.

And no, my answer is not always “You should definitely come to the class.” I’d rather have a class full of people who will kick butt and use what they learn, than have a full class.

Still got questions? I got answers! Email me direct.

See you in class!