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Here’s all I write about:

  • Making products that help people, such as ebooks, screencasts, training courses, workshops, white papers, software
  • Selling products
  • Marketing products
  • Keeping customers — the right ones only
  • Growing a product biz on the side while you work or freelance
  • Sustainable bootstrapping, through the radical approach of turning a profit

All of the above with no BS, no sparkly magical glitter, and no unicorns… but lots of ridiculous metaphors, cuz that’s how I do.

Here’s who I write it for:

  • “creative class” folks who, as Marx would say, “own the means of production” (IN.THEIR.HEADS!)
  • folks in industries where they can or already do charge per hour to create value for bosses or clients
  • in short, designers, developers, writers, virtual assistants, project managers, etc

NOTE: Here’s what I do not write about or promote:

  • consumer-facing products (in almost all cases)
  • physical products of any kind
  • grow-big-get-bought startups
  • venture capital
  • angel funding
  • hockey sticks