30×500 Questions & Answers!


Questions I’ve received by email are in bold! My answers are obviously sassy, and brassy, but not bold as such. Not typographically, anyway.

  1. Errr, I have this other thing that will eat up all my time for half of the course. In November, or January. Should I take the class now? No! I want you to succeed. You can’t succeed if you can’t spend the time on it. I’ll run another class in the spring, please wait for that.
  2. Um, I don’t have an idea for a product yet. Is that okay? Absolutely. You’re the target market, my friend. The class is for you.
  3. I already have a product I am very committed to, is the class for me? No. Not unless you’re having such a hard time with it that you’re ready to accept that you may need to scrap it and start fresh. If your product is actually doing okay, then especially no. This is a launch class, not a post-launch class. (I want to do a post-launch class, but it’s not ready yet. Email me if you’re interested.)
  4. I already have an idea I’m thinking about, but it’s not, like, engraved in stone & signed with blood yet. Is the class for me? Yes! The class is made for you. You’ll learn a lot about how to evaluate that idea, and make sure you succeed with it. You may even discover that your idea isn’t going to do the trick to help you create a successful business. That would be a bit hard, but a Very Good Thing, saving you lots of time and pain, and potentially earning you lots of cash.
  5. Following question 3… what do you mean, I might find out I’ve done things the wrong way round, and have to start over? Yeah, it happens. That’s business. You can’t reach the magic of $30 a month x 500 customers if you’re not willing to examine your efforts in light of better evidence. If that makes you vomit with fear or recoil in horror, then the class is not for you.
  6. Do you have a payment plan or a way to pay other than PayPal? Sorry, not this time! Too much overhead for me.
  7. Is this my last chance? Will there ever be another 30×500 Launch Class? There will be more. I’ll start another in the spring/summer. Never fear!

Any more questions? Email me!