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37signals isn’t mythical, you’re not paying attention

My friend and fellow bootstrapper Allan Branch, of LessAccounting, also wrote a response you will enjoy. Read it here! The Myth of the Design Studio Turned Product Company is a screed, penned by a consultancy owner who tried, and failed, to move his design consultancy to a product business… and who blames the 37Signals for… Read more »

Help! My SaaS isn’t growing!

Buckle in there, buddy, this one’s long. (And if you run, or want to run, any kind of business — absolute gold.) If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably know a little bit about Freckle Time Tracking, our SaaS. Well. We recently hit the Plateau of Doom That’s a plateau I only recently discovered… Read more »

What To Do When AllThis Steals Your Photo & Bio

There’s a terrible new web site out there engaging in, at best, copyright infringement, and at worse, fraud. It’s called AllThis. If AllThis targets you, they will: steal your photo & bio off Twitter slap it on an AllThis page, to make it look as if you endorse their system put up a big yellow… Read more »

Follow the Money

You shouldn’t feel comfortable with your meager little dreams. You should do a startup. You should chase the hockey stick. You should go viral. You should quit your job and work 90 hour weeks. You should be prepared to have everyone think you’re crazy. You should feel a manic, blind-eyed devotion to your Great Idea…. Read more »

I’m proud to be Unicorn-Free

Who doesn’t love a unicorn? Unicorns are magic. Unicorns eat moonbeams and shit rainbows. Unicorns are ice cream and bacon, all rolled into one. Mmmm, bacon ice cream. Unicorns: like Santa Claus, with hooves There’s just one catch: Unicorns don’t exist. And, honestly, they’re not that exciting. A beautiful horse with magical properties? Oh god!… Read more »