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How do you persuade someone to pay for “free” information?

Photo Credit: ·•●❤ Ginny Le ❤●•· What’s the main difference between people who grumble that “INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE” and those who happily pay for content? Here’s what I’ve learned through 15 years of selling stuff: What Payers do. Payers value their time more than their money. They’ll pay you to: do research gather… Read more »

Will Low Prices Help You Sell More?

Let’s talk about castles. What do you need to build a castle? thick, unscalable walls places to withdraw your bridge places to drop hot oil, foul water, alligators, etc. a moat, for preference, and turrets, lots and lots of turrets When it comes to making a product, the recipe is just the same. Only with… Read more »

Pricing Your Product: The D&D Test

Value is the hidden force that rules your world. Whether you know it or not. You Think Value, 24×7 When you go to buy a movie ticket, you ask yourself, “Will I really get $13 worth of fun out of this?” When you buy car insurance, you wonder, “Will that extra coverage pay off?” When… Read more »