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Validation is backwards

If Startuplandia had a bible, you might guess it was The Lean Startup. And credit to Eric Ries where credit is due – he’s managed to get the masses hooked on his book’s hopeful vocabulary: Validation, Pivots, and Minimum Viable Products, oh my. Really, Eric’s reach is tremendous: I remember when a close friend of… Read more »

Why you have to develop an Investment Mindset

Nobody wants to fail. Not really. Sure, failure is better than not trying at all… but success is better than failure. After 4 years of teaching designers & developers to make their first product dollar, Alex and I have seen every kind of failure, from failure to start at all, to failure to pull the… Read more »

7 Hardass Rules for Business and Life

Lemme run a scenario by you, and you tell me how it feels. Stop me if you’ve heard this one You… Fantasize about not working any more, or semi-retiring to some improbably perfect scenario (the perfect Little Café, Mojito Island) Envy people you know who seem to have time to do everything they want Find… Read more »