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The 3-part 30×500 Taste Test

OK, dudes and dudettes… t-minus 6.5 hours and counting til we close registration on the 30×500 Academy. Time to break out that neglected browser tab you set aside for later and choose, no… or yes. To help you decide, if you’re the type who likes to try before you buy… we got you covered. With… Read more »

The Ebomb Recipe That Works (free lesson)

The internet is full of hand-wavy advice. Not even bad advice, necessarily, but vague. The kind of advice that makes perfect sense in the moment, that makes you FEEL good, but then when you sit down to actually try it yourself… *Pffft!* Nothing comes out. How do you actually do it? You don’t know. They… Read more »

Making huge projects work: Design

You know I always tell you: you should do a tiny project first. You know I always advise that you must accept that good things take time, work incrementally, and keep stacking the bricks. Buuuut… sometimes you need to go big. You can build a lot of things nibble by nibble, but sometimes you need… Read more »

The Ship by September Challenge

Let’s talk about That Thing. You know, That Thing you want to work on. That Thing you dream of finishing. That Thing that’s sitting, unfinished (or unstarted) on your desk or your hard drive. Or, uh, a vague dream only in your head. You keep saying you “need to find the time” to work on… Read more »