ADL: Advanced Discount List for Awesome People

You: Long-time reader — or enthusiastic new reader. Likes the free & not-so-free stuff I make. Excited to learn how to be better at some combination of code stuff, design stuff, and business/marketing stuff.

Me: Maker of both free and paid goodies that help people kick ass with code, design, and business. Likes helping people. And pretending to be the Internet Santa Claus.

Your Wallet: Leather, vinyl or nylon. Holds money. Likes to continue to hold money.

The Advance Discount List: A big fat Thank You (spelled out in dollar signs) from Me, to You & Your Wallet, for being my reader & so fabulously clever.

Whenever there’s a new JavaScript Master Class, or a new JavaScripty training product, or — gasp! — a 30×500 class, I pass out discounts like candy to my listies.

There’s no secret password to join & no decoder ring required. (Although that would be awesome.)

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Don’t miss out on future discounts of up to 50%!

Not to mention first dibs on reserved Special Guests of Amy slots in future online and in-person training.

Aaaaand, every so often, I’ll even send out a new coupon for existing products. I am like a Discount Robin Hood.

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