Prep in Advance: 30×500 Application Questions!

Hey there! Are you getting ready in advance? Good for you! Here are the questions you can expect on the 30×500 application:

The Questions

How’d you find out about 30×500? IDEAL LENGTH: 1 – 2 sentences.

How would you best describe your current situation? Check all that apply (see list below)

I have read/watched the following freebies available… Check all that apply. (You can download all the freebies here).

Fast forward 2 years from now. What kind of results would you like to achieve using 30×500? (3 – 5 sentences)

Why now? What’s made you want to start doing products now? (2 – 5 sentences)

How many hours a week have you planned to set aside for 30×500 and your new product? Where will that time be “coming from”? (1 – 3 sentences)

If you have an SO, family, team, or existing business, have you talked to them about 30×500? How will they help support you? ( 1 – 3 sentences)

Do you / have you ever run a business or freelanced? If so, tell me a little bit about the biz: when, doing what, how’d it go/is going, 1 important thing you learned. (1-2 sentences)

IF you answered “No”, tell me about a project (personal or professional) where you took initiative & handled everything to completion. Tell me: when, doing what, how’d it go, 1 important thing you learned. (1 – 3 sentences)

What have you shipped? What’s out there in the world, right now, which you were personally responsible for? Personal is great, professional is even better. Links are fab. (1 – 5 shipped items, links are great!)

When we get to weeks 3 and 6 of this course, and you hit the sticking points of WOW THIS IS REALLY HARD WORK (and, since you’re a newb, you suck at it) — what will keep you going? (2 – 5 sentences)

Anything you’d like to add? Any questions I SHOULD have asked you? (This one is totally optional! :)

Get on the list!

Be sure to join the announce list to hear when 30×500 applications are open — I open to the mailing list BEFORE the general populace, AND it’s first come first serve in terms of the 65 seats available:

Funmail Guarantee: Obv there’s no obligation whatsoever. You can unsubscribe at any time. And I promise to send you nothing but information on the class, free goodies, stories, samples and discounts and awesome stuff like that!

Question #2: Multiple Choice Options

I wanna know what your situation is currently… you’ll be asked to select all which apply!

  • I have an existing product(s)
  • My product(s) is doing well
  • My plan is to create new product(s) with 30×500
  • My product(s) is not doing as well as I’d like, and I’m hoping 30×500 will help me improve it
  • I have an existing idea(s) I’m really excited about
  • I’m willing to be wrong, and start fresh using the 30×500 system
  • I don’t have an existing product or idea, and I’ll be starting fresh using 30×500