30×500 in 2013

Hey, you. Wanna attend my 30×500 Launch Class?

The date isn’t set for the next class. I’ve been running these classes back to back for 3 years now, and have made a huge number of huge improvements while teaching the class. What 30×500 really needs now, to take it to the next level (for your benefit!), is a pause. This way Alex and I can review everything, rearrange as needed, tweak, improve, and finalize all the improvements we’ve made to the jet as it flew through the sky.

Class will probably begin late summer (July/August) with the application process starting 2-3 months before that.

The basic details:

New and different: Habits pre-class! Last class, I created 4 weeks of material centered around killing bad habits and creating good ones, and creating & sustaining positive motivation. This was a rip-roaring success and it’ll be back this time.

New and different: Intense on-boarding! The first weekend will be really intense learning (4+ hours a day) — then you’ll spend the rest of the class time implementing, at a slightly more leisurely pace. (This worked beautifully for the last round!)

As with a college course, you should estimate ~1-2 hours a day of reading & practicing on average, with a couple of intense bursts of 15-30 hours on a single project during certain portions of the class.

This class is ideal for freelancers, consultants, & business owners who can raise rates or subcontract or otherwise delegate to free up more time; believe me, there’s a lot of blood, sweat & tears involved in learning how to create predictable success from scratch. It’s best to prepare yourself now!

Note that you will not finish the class with a built product. Anybody promising you that you’ll be able to build a solid product business from nothing in less than 3 mos is, frankly, full of crap.

But you will finish the class with a totally new way of thinking and working, having run your assumptions through the wringer. You’ll have learned a repeatable system for success, which rigorously applied, you can use over & over & over again for all kinds of products (even for improving your consulting business!). You’ll have practiced til your eyes bleed (research, selling, ideating, designing, marketing, oh my!). You’ll have a new confidence and you’ll have learned to see real opportunity everywhere. But you won’t have a finished product.

All of the most successful products by 30×500 alums were shipped well after the students “graduated.” This is not only normal & expected, it’s great. You’ll have access to the incredible alumni community for life (yes — pay once, commune forever!) so you’ve got the time & the support when you need it.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll need to apply.
  • Your application will be either accepted or denied in the order in which I received it, so you’ll want to apply early.
  • You’ll pay your tuition in advance… and while tuition is going up, we haven’t set a final price yet
  • I’m supplying self-guided learners with 100% of the materials before the class starts (after applied/accepted/paid, of course)
  • Office Hours online chats are weekly.
  • You should consider the Office Hours as being “required.” If you can’t set aside 2 hours a week on Sunday afternoons (EST), you shouldn’t take the class.
  • as ever, I’ve made quite a few improvements to the class over the last time, all based on helping you implement what you’ve learned (new step-by-step lessons on habits, marketing, and audience research, and several other boring-sounding improvements which make a huge difference.)

In short: Too much metal for one hand. m/om/

Now for the bad news: So far, 30×500 has always sold out, every time.

Back to the good news: Every class has also produced more people kicking ass & shipping products than the last… as I have refined the materials, the teaching process, and the support tools.

I want to keep this trend going, and I want to give every student the absolute best chance of success for their money.

Entré the application process. It will help us ensure the class is right for you, and that you are right for the class. And it will make sure you’re ready for the amount of work the class entails.

That’s why you should get on my little email list today — there are always a lot of people who have been waiting to get in, and there will be fewer seats (so I have more resources for each student). And, like I said, 30×500 has always sold out.

The final reason to join my little list, naturally, is that joining the list is the only way to attend 30×500. Demand from listies was so great last time, I never even opened the application process up on my blog.

Wanna hear more about 30×500, and get first in line for your own seat?

Just drop your name and email address in the box riiiiight here:

Remember: the class is only open to people on my list. So if you want to attend, you should sign up!

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