Insider peeks: Watch us build the next 30×500

In December, I live-blogged creating an ebook in 24 hours… and the reaction was amazing. Everyone’s always liked my stories, but this? People really loved it. That’s when I realized that it’s one thing to hear a story after the fact… and another entirely to experience it in media res.

So, the precedent was set! Now Alex and I are doing something crazy: We’re building the new 30×500, and we’re recording things as they happen. Decisions, strategy, disagreements, concerns. Audio, video, screencasts. We’ll be publishing them as podcasts… and, for the first time ever, videos!

In the spirit of bootstrappy, brick-stack-y, Every Version Better goodness… here’s my first “Product Confessional” video.Yes. Recorded in my bedroom in true who-the-fuck-cares fashion. Cuz that’s how I roll.

Hear more insider dirt on our podcast. And stay tuned, because we’ll be publishing more videos like this one. Even behind-the-scenes time lapses of me designing the lessons themselves.

Wanna be a part of this story as it develops? Want the real dirt, not the post-facto narrative? Don’t miss out:

Learn by watching us work.

Watch us use 30x500 and JFS techniques to build our next product. Exclusive behind-the-scenes conversations and videos.