Guest Post: “No excuses left, this year I get serious”

This is a guest post from 30×500 alumni Lori Olson.

Lori’s been in the 30×500 community since the verrrrry beginning – she joined our original Year of Hustle course back in 2010, our precursor to 30×500. Over the weekend Lori emailed our legacy alumni google group with something that caught our eye, and we wanted to share (and she happily obliged).

The #1 reason that we see people struggle and fail are not because people are unskilled, or because they chose a crappy audience to sell to, but because they find every reason NOT to do the work of Sales Safari, writing ebombs, building an audience, creating a tiny product, and shipping…let alone doing the unsexy work of doing it over and over and over…

So we consider it a victory – for us and for our students – when one of them finally overcomes those excuses and gets to work. And even better yet, when they take just a tiny peek over their shoulder and realize “wow, I could’ve been doing this all along” — like Lori does below.

Read what Lori has to say, see what she’s learned, so you can too can Just Fucking Ship.

<3 Amy & Alex

Ok, here I am, one of the veteran alumni, still plinking along. But I have finally reached the point where I can really work the system, properly, this year, and so I am doing it. I’ve had all sorts of excuses in the past (getting cheated by clients, moving, etc) for not really getting my product business off the ground, but those are all GONE. No excuses left, so this is the year I get serious.

Today is devoted to goal setting. As such, Amy’s goal review post was remarkably timely, and I will be working on those as soon as I finish this email. Thanks Amy!!!!

One thing I knew I had to do to get motivated is to start putting together some quantifiable numbers. I have a couple of workshops that I created, and I also have a book that I have written (just finished on Dec 31, last chapter is out with the reviewers now). I have been pre-selling the book, but haven’t really been marketing hard yet. So I got my transaction history downloaded and ran it thru a spreadsheet, and got these numbers:

Screenshot 2015-01-09 13.54.25

Ok, that % increase on the book is kind of lame, since I only sold one copy in Dec 2013, but the overall revenue numbers were still a nice uptick, year over year. I guess I’m still in that constant battle with impostor syndrome, and I didn’t keep track regularly, because I didn’t think I was doing that well, considering that I was still pretty much half-assing my way along last year.

But now I have the numbers on which to base my goals for the next year. I need to do some thinking and some planning yet, but I’ll be looking at my numbers at least quarterly from now on. Certainly one goal is a no-brainer.

1. Marketing the crap out of that book. I ought to be able to get at least 5x sales on that. Already have a spot in the next RubyMotion Dispatch for that, and Laurent wants to feature it on the RubyMotion web site, as soon as I post the final chapter.

Another goal will be to get those workshops scheduled more than once a year.

2. Develop an “advanced” version of the workshop

3. Schedule/deliver workshops quarterly

I have a few other ideas in mind. But I want to put a lot more thinking into them before solidifying anything else in writing. But even with just those goals, I can easily see a 500% increase (<— See, Amy? Not a goal. I did listen!) in product revenue for the coming year. Exciting.

Once I have all those goals ready, I’ll be posting it on my blog, like Amy and others have done. But I just wanted to post this here, first, so the rest of you slackers like me can see the results you can get, even when you are half-assing it. So… go DO something. It’ll be worth it.

Thanks for sharing, Lori!

Now back to your editors:

If there’s anything that 5 years of 30×500 has taught us, it’s this: Excuses come after you’ve already decided not to act. They’re a post-hoc justification, not a cause. The very minute you decide to stop making excuses, that’s when you’ll start acting.

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