Let’s be unprofessional for a moment and talk about the carnivorous skull.

Yeah, yeah, Alex and I are in the middle of a product launch… for the next 30×500 workshop. Yes, we’ve got some totally killer — and, barring the “fucks” and “unicorn farts”, professional — launch content. (You can get it here, if you want it.)

But one of the absolute greatest pleasures of running my own business?

I can say whatever the hell I want.

And today, after the insult of having 3 teeth ripped out of my face (while I was awake), and the added injury of terrible shitty pandering content on the internet, this is what I wanted to say:

Can we please, please, please, make “infogina” a thing? I registered the domain name. No, really, I did.

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  1. Ivan Kreimer

    I regret so much having pre-bought (yes, pre-bought) that woman her so-called “book” that, as far as I know, never released. Seriously, at the beginning, she used to make good infographics. Now they’re mostly crap. Mostly means 99%.


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