Why You Gotta Apply for 30×500 & Why You Should LOVE it


I put together a little video for ya, all about the 30×500 application process. If you’re planning to apply, you should definitely watch it. For starters, it gives you a lil taste of the Amy Universe. And who doesn’t want that?

Also… inside, I spell out exactly why you have to apply (hint: I’m terribly selfish), and why my character flaw is awesome for you.

Finally, if you wanted the nitty gritty inside details of how the application process works (do you have to dance? sing? do me favors? buy me pineapple jalapeño margaritas?), this video is for you.

Lastly, you’ll hear a very compelling reason for you to prep in advance and apply at your very first chance.

Applications open on:


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The only way to apply to 30×500 is if you put your name on my announcement list! Do that right here:

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You wanna prep in advance? I like your style! Here are the questions you’ll face.

See ya in class!


  1. Nick

    In the “Your turn” section of the Painkillers lesson, point 4 says “Where there are products, there is Pain. No one product can fit all; in a large market with many competitors, those products must be creating Pain. Mine the Pain… for profit”. Should this read “in a large market with many competitors, those products must be killing pain”? If not, how do products in a large market with many competitors create pain?

    • Amy

      Nick, good question! Mass-adopted products create pain because they are one-size-fits-some, even if they are used by all. Whenever a huge swath of people are using a tool, you know that not everyone is being served equally well. One-size-fits-all is a myth. Ergo, people are being poorly served and just muddling by… possibly the product is even making things worse for some. Those are people you can lure away because they are not happy.

  2. Joey Barker


    Please optimize your email alerts for mobile. The video was inaccessible, and having opted-in, social share from mobile email has issues as well – 2 things in which I view you as an expert (of sorts?).

    Thanks, and keep up the self-help tips and quality content. :-)

    With respect,


    • Amy

      Hey Joey, thanks for the heads up.

      Business is all about picking your battles. I didn’t do anything tuned for mobile last time and the class sold out with a wait list.

      Until I see a negative effect from that, I’m going to keep putting my energy into better writing, new lessons, etc., instead of tuning for mobile email.


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