Yearly Archives: 2011

What To Do When AllThis Steals Your Photo & Bio

There’s a terrible new web site out there engaging in, at best, copyright infringement, and at worse, fraud. It’s called AllThis. If AllThis targets you, they will: steal your photo & bio off Twitter slap it on an AllThis page, to make it look as if you endorse their system put up a big yellow… Read more »

Terry Pratchett’s Witches Mean Business — *Your* Business (Biz Book Friday)

Hello, and welcome to yet another Biz Book Friday! This one’s a bit late because I’m feeling under the weather. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless. There are, of course, many more to choose from — on, admittedly, more serious, actionable topics. Today I’m feeling philosophical. All my favorite authors are dyed-in-the-wool humanists. You get the… Read more »

Startups & Risk: Petting Puppies with Peter Drucker

It’s that time again! No, not turkey-stuffing-cranberry-yam-and-marshmallow sandwich time. No, not pepper-spray-your-fellow-Black-Friday-shoppers time. No, silly… it’s Biz Book Friday! Today, a little change of pace: Peter Drucker. And puppies. Who wants to start a business? You do! Who wants to pet a puppy? You do! So… which puppy do you pet? Well, that depends, I… Read more »

Startups are a Boy Band (Biz Book Friday!)

Welcome to Biz Book Fridays! I’ve got a whopper of a biz book habit and I’ll read ’em so you don’t have to. I bring the juiciest morsels straight to you. Whoooo! After those 3 straight weeks of pricing, I thought we could ALL do with a little change of pace. And so this week… Read more »

Success: The Boring Way! The Only Way

“I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art” by John Baldessari (probably a lie!) One of the things I keep telling my 30×500 Product Launch Class students is this: Success is boring. A Peek into the Success Sausage Factory Imagine a movie made from my daily biz life over a period few weeks… I guarantee… Read more »

Will Low Prices Help You Sell More?

Let’s talk about castles. What do you need to build a castle? thick, unscalable walls places to withdraw your bridge places to drop hot oil, foul water, alligators, etc. a moat, for preference, and turrets, lots and lots of turrets When it comes to making a product, the recipe is just the same. Only with… Read more »