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Validation is backwards

If Startuplandia had a bible, you might guess it was The Lean Startup. And credit to Eric Ries where credit is due – he’s managed to get the masses hooked on his book’s hopeful vocabulary: Validation, Pivots, and Minimum Viable Products, oh my. Really, Eric’s reach is tremendous: I remember when a close friend of… Read more »

How do you market a product that’s for everyone?

When you set out to start a product business… you pick a fight with entropy. And entropy usually wins. The default result is failure. If you’re sane, you know it. You’re scared by it. You act anyway, but that fear is always there. Unfortunately the most natural response to fear is to try to decrease your… Read more »

Niches Don’t Work – but Worldviews Do

Hi there! This is an excerpt from the old 30×500 Launch Class, a class designed to help you create & launch your very own paying product. The new Bootcamp is geared to helping you build your platform first! “Find a Niche” When you get into business, you can’t swing a cat without being told you… Read more »