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Validation is backwards

If Startuplandia had a bible, you might guess it was The Lean Startup. And credit to Eric Ries where credit is due – he’s managed to get the masses hooked on his book’s hopeful vocabulary: Validation, Pivots, and Minimum Viable Products, oh my. Really, Eric’s reach is tremendous: I remember when a close friend of… Read more »

How do you market a product that’s for everyone?

When you set out to start a product business… you pick a fight with entropy. And entropy usually wins. The default result is failure. If you’re sane, you know it. You’re scared by it. You act anyway, but that fear is always there. Unfortunately the most natural response to fear is to try to decrease your… Read more »

A Customer Is Your MVP – A (Video) Talk on Making Products that Sell

This talk is nominally about copywriting, but it’s not, not really. It’s about product-making. It’s about business-making. It’s about gall. I had a blast at Microconf. Highly recommend it. I’ll be back. And thanks so much to Rob and Mike for making these videos available so I can share them with you. Transcript below! Amy… Read more »

When You Should Ignore Your “Customers”

I do a lot of sales through email marketing — to folks who specifically requested that I email ‘em. I don’t email all that much; most months, I don’t email at all. For the past month, I’ve been sending 1-2 emails a week. Not just “buy my shit” emails, but free samples from the class,… Read more »

The Forehead Slap Test for Sexy Sales

Afraid your idea’s too much sizzle and not enough steak? The Forehead Slap Test is an awesome copywriter’s trick, originally by a famous, wildly successful old school copywriter named Clayton Makepeace. (Old school here means direct response marketing — aka mail you receive in your real, physical mailbox. Crayzee!) The Forehead Slap Test tells you… Read more »